Brian T. Johnstone

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I love music.  Pounding heavy metal… experimental prog… old time jazz… yeah… it’s all good.  Growing up there was always music in the house.  Everyone played something–mom, dad, brother, and sister.  My passion for music is primarily realized through guitar playing, but I can’t help pounding the drums once in a while and I enjoy singing.

I keep recording music.  Right now my main gig is in Ameted with my buddy Scott.  Check out our music!  See the links in the menu or check out Ameted.

A new Ameted album is almost complete…


ameted2 2008 – Ameted : States

ameted2005 – Ameted : Tales of a Circus

1994 – Brian T. Johnstone : Simple Beginnings (Out of Print)

1993 – Iron Pancake : Out of the Elevator and Into the Port-a-pot (Out of Print)

1992 – Iron Pancake : Death by Lettuce (Out of Print)

…as a fan

The first big concert I attended was back in 1988… Stryper.  They were flying high on the “In God We Trust” world tour and I loved it!  My all time favorite band is RUSH.  I first saw them back in ’92 on the ‘Roll the Bones Tour’ and haven’t missed a tour since.  I’m  also a big fan of Symphony X, Zakk Wylde, Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Nightwish and many many more.

Rock on!