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Expanded SirsiDynix Enterprise Search Widget

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Pointing users to the library catalog from our web site via a quick search box is something we’ve been doing for years. We are currently implementing Enterprise (which takes searching our catalog out of the 90s and into a more modern time…). SirsiDynix kindly provides a search widget in the Enterprise Administration Training Guide. However, our users are accustomed to having a little more functionality right from the search widget (the ability to select item type for example).

So after a little tinkering, I’ve come up with the following form:

To see form in action visit


<!-- START SirsiDynix ENTERPRISE Search Widget with BTJ mods 5/6/14 -->
<h3><a target="_blank" href="">Quick Catalog Search</a></h3>
<form method="get" id="searchForm" action="">
&nbsp; &nbsp; Find:
<input type="hidden" name="ln" value="en_US" />
<input id="q" title="Search For:" maxlength="256" name="q" value="" type="text" accesskey="s" />
<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp;<select id="lm" name="lm">
<option value="">Everything</option>
<optgroup label="----------">
<option value="ART_PRINT">Art Print</option>
<option value="AUDIO_VISUAL">Audio-visual</option>
<option value="BOOK">Book</option>
<option value="BOOKS_ERC">Books or Online Books</option>
<option value="DVD">DVD</option>
<option value="JUVENILE_BOOK">Juvenile Book</option>
<option value="MAP">Map</option>
<option value="MUSIC_DISC">Music Disc</option>
<option value="ONLINE_BOOKS">Online Books</option>
<option value="EFILMS_DVD">Online Films or DVDs</option>
<option value="PAMPHLET">Pamphlet</option>
<option value="REF-BOOK">Reference Book</option>
<option value="VIDEO">Video</option>
<option value="DIVIDER">------------------------</option>
<option value="BRISTOL">Lower Bucks Campus</option>
<option value="NEWTOWN">Newtown Campus</option>
<option value="PERKASIE">Upper Bucks Campus</option>
<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp;<select id="rt" name="rt">
<option value="">All Fields</option>
<option value="false|||BCCC_PER_TITLE|||Periodical Title">Periodical Title</option>
<option value="false|||SERIES|||Series">Series</option>
<option value="false|||ISBN|||ISBN">ISBN</option>
<option value="false|||TITLE|||Title">Title</option>
<option value="true|||SUBJECT|||Subject">Browse Subject headings</option>
<option value="false|||SUBJECT|||Subject">Subject</option>
<option value="true|||AUTHOR|||Author">Browse Author headings</option>
<option value="false|||AUTHOR|||Author">Author</option>

<br />

&nbsp; &nbsp;<input value="Search" id="searchButton" class="button" title="Search" type="submit" />
<br />
&nbsp; &nbsp;<a href="" id="link">Advanced Search</a>

<!-- END SirsiDynix ENTERPRISE Search Widget with BTJ mods 5/6/14 -->


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