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There is a movement

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I am presently steeped in the Omnivore’s Dilemma.  Part 1, Industrial Corn, is as compelling and enraging as all the information I already have on industrial food—the unjust, inhumane, and nearly absolute destruction of our planet through capricious, unscrupulous, calculated big fat American business, supported by our government, or, dare I say, military industrial complex to borrow from George Naylor.

And now, beginning Part 2 Pastoral Grass, I feel a deep sense of restoration—I’ve only begun the first chapter in this section.  I think I already know the problem well enough.  I think I know some of the solutions as well.  So it is very contenting to begin this section.

And so I get poking around online this morning and learn of two films on the subject, and I’m encouraged.  I must find some screenings.

Fresh (
Food, Inc (

Both of the above movies include Michael Pollan, author of Omnivore’s Dilemma, as well as Joel Salatin, owner of Polyface Farms—described by Pollan in Part 2 of Omnivore’s Dilemma, Rod Dreher’s Crunchy Cons, and more.

These films are part of the growing movement, the taking back of our food and our lives from the machine.

I plan to highlight this topic more this Fall semester in my INTG course.  I got one group turned on to it last semester.  For their Group Advocacy Project, they volunteered time at Silver Lake Nature Center ( to restore the community garden plots.  They researched the issues of food, the food industry, and alternatives, and presented basic facts in a brochure for local residents.  Before the plots were ready for planting, all had been subscribed—REAL CHANGE through REAL ADVOCACY.

There is a movement.


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