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SNRG 2009

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Last week I attended SNRG 2009 out at Penn State.  SNRG (which is supposed to be said “Synergy” but there is a rather growing number of folks who prefer “snerg”) is the SirsiDynix Northeast Regional Users Group–now that’s a special interest group.  Basically a bunch of librarians and library IT people attending sessions around a common Integrated Library System.

Penn State Library staff were excellent hosts.  My family came along which provided our nearly-2-year-old son an opportunity for an excursion.  He rather enjoyed the mountains of pillows in the hotel room, and most especially, the hotel pool.  He is such a good sport.  One of the primary highlights was Penn State’s own creamery and the fresh made ice cream.  In all it was a good trip.

At BCCC we are running Unicorn GL3.1 on a Sun Solaris box.  Our server is old and we just got a new one.  Trish, my partner in crime over in IT, will be installing the new server this month.  We hope to keep the old one limping along as a test server.  After the new server is up and running we will upgrade to GL3.2.  From there we hope to implement some cleaver scripting (as demonstrated by the Penn State folks at SNRG) to allow for user authentication via our BCCC network into the My Account features of the system.  Initially we thought we would see what the LDAP capabilities are on GL3.2 but the scripting option (which will pickup authentication credentials already in use) seems to be the better option.  We’ll see.

I always say, “what’s the worst we can do, break it?”

Of course I sort of ate those words this time last year what I crashed the server–it lost the entire OS–when attempting to reboot after adjusting settings… but still.

Flickr slide show of SNRG09.


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