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Welcome to my newest blog.  Well, I’m not exactly a prolific blogger… or much of a blogger at all for that matter.  I always get jazzed up about one particular technology or another, get lost in the back-end world, and never really find much to post on the front end.  Lately I’ve had an interest in creating a generic blog on–and here it is.

The scope of this blog will range around libraries–my work in systems and other library areas, as well as music, nature, and other interests.

I’ve been a librarian for a little over 10 years now, and have been working in systems since I started in the field.  My work also includes assisting students–I’ve never been a back room librarian.  I’ve been with Bucks County Community College since 2001–with one year off to work another academic library, that’s another story.

It’s the end of the Spring 2009 semester–no doubt the reason I have made time to start this blog.  I am a nine-month faculty librarian.  So this is a time of great excitement as I look forward to a summer of reduced responsibilities at work.  But let me just say, as many librarians I know also say, I love my job.  I mean where else can you dabble here and there?  In my day job I’m a reference librarian, a faculty member, a systems librarian, a teacher of a nature writing course.  I work at a community college where the student body is diverse on every imaginable level… kind of like the community itself.  What I enjoy most is being able to wear so many different hats.

I do plan on being around this summer–I’ve got pleanty to do and it’s a great way to earn some extra money.  I’ve got a new server to install–with the help of our server manager–and we plan to upgrade our library software too.  I’ve got a list of systems to-dos that should keep me busy well into the fall.

I plan to add some more pages to the site here and I hope you’ll find it interesting.

Thank you very kindly,



One thought on “A New Blog

  1. Hurray for you! I’m sure with all your interests, this will be a very interesting blog. Of course I’m interested in the library stuff (I have to say that), but I’m really interested in the nature writing! Have fun with this!

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